June 7th

If you have been following along with this buildup, you probably realize by now that it is not going to be finished in a year as originally intended. We have had various problems with the motor buildup not to mention a lack of time. The following updates just show the completed engine bay painted and the beginnings of the suspension installation:

The next few updates will deal with the completed front suspension, brakes, and '98 front end upgrade.


Here are a few pictures of the fuel system so far. We are using a 2035 Weldon pump rated up to 2000HP and two Aeromotive fuel filters. The #12 filter is shown before the pump and the #10 filter is shown after the pump located above the axle. We ran the #10 fuel line through the frame rails in front of the control arm mount, up the subframe connector and then up through the fender to a bulkhead fitting in the engine compartment.

Fuel pump and #12 pre-pump filter
#10 after-pump filter
Fuel line through frame rail
This image shows the fuel line coming up through the wheelwell to a bulkhead fitting. Once the inner wheelwell is installed, the fuel line is hidden.
This image shows the bulkhead fittings coming into the engine bay on the passenger side. The smaller fitting will be used for the fuel return line.

August 19th

  This update shows some odds and end pictures that mainly deal with the '98 front end installation. This is an easy way to update the look of your 1993-1997 F-Body to the '98 and newer front end. We purchased a whole update kit from Scott at Speed Automotive. Speed Automotive specializes in F-body salvage and has just about any OE part you could need. The kit came with everything necesarry to complete the update except for a hood and that is available also if needed. Items included are fenders, nose, headlights, turn signals, fog lights, and all the brackets and mounting hardware.
With such a large turbo, it was necessary to mount the radiator in front of the radiator core support. This image shows the tubular front upper nose support that was built to clear our Griffin radiator. Their was no weight savings with this part however it allowed us to use a radiator that is 4" wider than what was originally possible.
  This image shows the mounted radiator. The '98 nose provided additional room for a larger radiator and larger electric fans then were possible with the original '94 nose.
In this image you can see both the tubular upper and lower nose supports and the radiator support.


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