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MARCH 2007 cont.

We got the car back and ordered a new 50mm Tial blowoff valve to mount on the intake tubing before the intercooler and MAF. The original blowoff valve was removed.


Since the opening NMRA event was coming up in March, we decided to clean up the engine bay a little and get the car ready to run in the True Street class. A Canton radiator overflow was ordered to get a cool, fabricated look to the engine bay. It compliments the turbo system perfectly and allowed us to weld in fittings for A/N line conversions. We tapped the radiator adapter and manifold inlet for -20 A/N lines and welded fittings into the valve cover for the PCV system. This allowed us to run A/N lines it as well. The valve covers and intake tubing were powdercoated and an '06 engine cover installed also.



Stay Tuned!